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The Game is Changing, So Should Your Tee Work

If you are ready to change the way you see batting tee practice, you have come to the right place! The Launch Angle Tee is an innovative tee designed to help hitters see more of the ball and hit more of the ball.  For the first time on a vertical tee, hitters can train to hit doubles, triples, and home runs without making contact with the tee!

What People are Saying about the Launch Angle Tee

"I am so happy that I switched over to the Launch Angle Tee. I've had no issues with the attachment thus far, just quality hitting sessions!"

-Alejandro C.

"The color variety is very appealing and the best part in my mind is the angle of the shaft which helps to facilitate the upward swing path. The tee withstands hard hits and is easy to readjust."

-John H.

"I love how much more of the ball the player can see."

-Danny H.

"The day I received the [Launch Angle] tee adapter in the mail, my son had a game that evening. I put the adapter on the tee and he took about 20 or 30 cuts prior to the game. Absolutely loved it. First at-bat, first pitch, Home Run! His first on the Varsity field. He was pretty excited and gave the work on the tee prior to the game credit. "This thing works!" As for me I think tee work is vital for any hitter and the Launch Angle Tee is a great update for any standard tee as you get to work on your game. Great job on a great product."

-Greg M. 

"Our girls seem to like it and prefer it over the other tees we have.  It can be a little harder to get girls to adapt to updated thinking, but it went well with the tee."

-Joe A.

"Purchased the launch angle tee for Christmas. Set it up and tested it with my 9u travel team just last night.  Extremely pleased with this training tool! Immediately, the players were talking about how using the tee “felt different” than using a standard tee.  Balls were being hit with much more purpose.  Players were staying behind and through the ball rather than rolling over.  This is a great product!"

Dan L - Hamilton A's 9U Manager

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