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You just purchased the Launch Angle Tee or your thinking about purchasing it, but you still have some questions?  Below you will find a list of helpful topics regarding the Launch Angle Tee and Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter.

The Launch Angle Tee

Launch Angle Tee Specs and Dimensions

One of the most important aspects to baseball training is tee work. The Launch Angle Tee allows for hitters of all ages to train effectively while getting immediate feedback with our true feel/true flight tee top technology. With a 170-degree view of the ball, the hitter is allowed an uninterrupted swing path which provides a more realistic, game-like feel to tee training.

  • Adjustable from 18”- 40” to allow training by hitters of all ages
  • Tee base is 12” x 11” and is equipped with shaft suction technology which allows an easy removal of the tee shaft for easy travel and transportation
  • The total weight of the Launch Angle Tee is a little over two pounds
  • Tee top is made from 3D Flexible Filament TPU

Can I use the Launch Angle Tee for Softballs?

You bet!  The Launch Angle Tee (and Launch Angle Tee Adapter) works with both Baseballs and Softballs.  No need to buy different tee top adapters for the different hitters in your life!

Will the Launch Angle Tee Break easily?

The short answer: NO!

The long answer: The Launch Angle Tee is specifically designed and angled for the hitter to hit the ball, not the tee. (We know, what a crazy concept!)  That being said, if you do hit the tee:

  • The tee top is made of a flexible TPU plastic. It is made to be flexible yet extremely durable. In fact, the top is made out of a similar material that is used in 3D prosthetics!
  • The tee shaft is made out of high-grade aluminum.  Hopefully, you're not missing a stationary ball by 12 inches, but if you do the tee shaft is built to take a beating!
  • The tee base is made out of a denser, but similar material to the tee top.  It is made to be carried, dropped, and hit without taking any damage whatsoever.

That all being said, the tee is cover by a lifetime guarantee. More information on the guarantee is outlined below.

Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter

Will the Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter fit on my Current Tee?

Tanner Tee

Jugs Tee



PV Tee

The Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter does not fit on:

  • Rawlings 5-Position Tee
  • EquiTee
  • Rawlings Quick Tee
  • Bownet Tee
  • Schutt Swing Right
  • Muhl Sports Advance Batting Tee
  • Skills Tee
  • The Hitting Tee
  • ATEC Tuffy Tee
  • Franklin
  • MacGregor
  • Easton
  • CagePro Tee
  • Backspin Tee (Hopefully this is obvious!)
  • Championship Sports
  • Any Generic "Wal-Mart" Rubber Tee

Does the LAT Adapter Top Fit on the Full Launch Angle Tee?

The Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter DOES NOT fit with the Launch Angle Tee!  If you need a replacement top for your Launch Angle Tee, please buy the Launch Angle Tee Top Replacement.

Installing the Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter

Installing your Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter is really easy and straightforward.  First, remove the rubber tee top from your current Tanner Tee, Jugs Tee, G-Tee, A-Tec T3, or PV Tee.  This may involve cutting part of the tee so please use caution!  After you have removed your rubber top, simply slide the Launch Angle Tee on top of the now bare tee shaft.  Congratulations, you now have a Launch Angle Tee for the fraction of the cost of a new tee!


When will my Launch Angle Tee Ship?

Full Launch Angle Tees and tee top adapters are in stock (unless otherwise noted) and will usually ship within 24 hours of your order is placed.  You will receive an email with your tracking information when your order has been scanned in by the post office.  Please contact us at or 919-309-0040 if you have any other questions or concerns.

How long will it take for my Launch Angle Tee to get to me?

For a majority of Launch Angle Tee orders, we ship Priority with the USPS. After your order has been scanned in by the Post Office, it will usually take 1-3 days to arrive. For Launch Angle Tee Adapter Top orders, we ship First Class with the USPS.  After your LAT Adapter Top order is scanned in, it will usually take 1-3 days to arrive.

For larger orders, we usually ship UPS.  Ship time on larger orders varies from 2-4 days.  Again, please contact us at or 919-309-0040 if you have any other questions or concerns.

Is there a charge for shipping?

To continue to provide competitive pricing and our lifetime guarantee (detailed below), we must charge a small flat shipping rate on the full Launch Angle Tee to certain parts of the country. All Launch Angle Tee Adapter Top orders ship for free!

For customers on the West Coast and some southern Mid-Western states, there is a flat rate charge of $6.99 per order (not per item!). For customers on in the Mid-West, there is a flat rate charge of $4.99 per order. For East Coast customers, shipping is free! Shipping to Canada and International comes with a $25.00 flat fee for shipping.

Launch Angle Tee Guarantee!

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the Launch Angle Tee!

At Launch Angle Tee, we stand by the quality of our products.  We've worked extremely hard to get you the highest quality product that is made to withstand season after season. That being said, things happen and we want to be there to help out when they do.  That is why we offer a LIFETIME Warranty* on all of our products! If your part of your Launch Angle Tee or Adapter Top breaks, send it back to us and we will send you a brand new part, free of charge.  We want to keep your tee work going and going! Please email with any questions about the Warranty Policy.

Launch Angle Tee
4502 Bennett Memorial Road | Durham, NC 27705


*We reserve the right to void the warranty if we detect blatant misuse or destruction of your Launch Angle Tee.

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